Bolivia: after the fact of my visit

This is one of the coolest optical illusions/sculptures i have seen in my life. It is located in santa cruz, bolivia.

I was in bolivia during the end of june until the beginning of august of 2007. it was such an incredible country. the people had such a sense of freedom until you began talking to the women in the country when there were no men around.
The men were disgusting. The women told me that it was normal for any girl to be raped by their own brother by the age of 10-13. It wasn't even something that they considered out of the ordinary or wrong - it was a cultural regularity. This was a shock to me because in the United States if anyone is raped, under any circumstances, it is almost looked as more grotesque than murder.
even though the people are used to such things, they seemed to have an understanding of freedom and life that was so much greater than that of the people of the USA.

this is a family in bolivia that i had contact with. the younger boy on the right side is named edgar...he is in the bolivian military which is required for every male over 17-21 in the country. His family was so roolin.

heres some other photos

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