W.Y.W.H. was my nation-wide journey across the USA in 2007. It held many nights of companionship, loneliness, self-realization and Mustangs. 
The locations where the photographs were taken, though irrelevant, are all places I would have liked to experienced with a certain person that had been on my mind at that moment. 
No matter where I am or what I happen to be doing... love is what I am truly seeking. These are the feelings that I wanted to share.

St. Louis, Missouri

Atlanta, Georgia

Charleston, South Carolina

Houston, Texas

Branson, Missouri

Cincinnati, Ohio

Nashville, Tennessee

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Flagstaff, Arizona

Albuquerque, New Mexico

There are about 33 in the series as a whole and I am making them into a book later this month. W.Y.W.H. = wish you were here.

i recently bought a book called 'the end of america'. i am not a person who gets very involved in politics but something about this presentation by naomi wolf caused me to want to start to be.
you should watch it. it is a little bit long, but it will hold your attention if you let it.

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