new collages

we just rearranged our apartment and made a room of desks/work areas
it made the place way better and im really excited about it.
this is my area

i started making some collages on mirrors in the past week
here are some of the first ones i have put together...
im in the collage in the picture because it's on a mirror but that changes based on who is looking at it and from what angle, or course.


i accidentally threw up this weekend and for no reason at all that i was aware of at the time.
but i think i forgot how different it feels to actually throw up hard and a lot.
it was really a good thing overall.

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Stephen said...

it is good, sometimes i will just drink a ton of orange juice and take a shower and just vomit streams. it is so great, but you need to be careful to stop once it starts hurting because that means all the orange juice is gone and now you are just barfing stomach acid.
also i am really jeallous of your workspace and i want to come over and use it.