september 29th, 2008

i have a piece in a show at heaven gallery on october 10th.

it is a sculpture/photo thing.

the show has, i think, about 10-12 people in it.
a week from friday. but ill put a flyer up about it when i see the flyer that is being made for it!

here is the info about:

"The exhibition offers work that considers questions of authority and power. Initially inspired by the military operations of various factions of bugs residing on the Jeffers Tree Farm, the participating artists responded to my inquiry about their relationships to ruling powers, be they small intimate ones or larger hegemonic ones. The results are varied and textured—Christa Donner responded with drawings focusing on the body and health; Mollie McKinley's response involves a dialog with the supernatural; Tristan Perich and Kunal Gupta's Jelly project offers an alternative strategy to the way we interact with the web; Andreas Warisz's video installation centering around a Chicago Housing project is a rich exploration of the ways information can be disseminated; Melissa Damasauskas offers us a glimpse into a list that rules her; Todd Mattei's photos posit a need for a new deity. Also featuring: drawings by Kelly Allen, Nicholas Wylie, Sarah Beth Woods; photos by Grant Ernhart, Thomas Macker, Lucas Blair; sculpture by Michael Hunter, Scott Cowan, Montgomery Perry Smith and more. "


i sorta got sick of school for a minute and so i have been working on things mostly outside of school.
i may be going to colorado for 2-3 days in a week or two, also.


on halloweener there is also going to be a show. i think i am going to make a laughter box for it.

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