my brother is gone

katie's birthday is my half birthday (this is a birthday present for her)

this is a big day. it's the first full day of my brother paul, my best friend david, and my other best friend nathan moved out of our apartment.
the three other people are moving in sometime in july. well kenton already moved in but left to go to turkey for 2 1/2 weeks today so i will live by myself for a minute or two.

the golden age is having a party/show tonight:

1744 west 18th st. (i think)

Frozen zoners Uneven Universe (Detroit, MI) team up with earth bound drone-youth Treetops (Western Springs, IL), winsome terrorizer Steve Young (Chicago, IL) and hooded gods of shred Slave Trade (Chicago, IL) to kick off their Midwestern tour at Golden Age. It will be a blast you will leave happy! The rumble starts at 8pm and Admission is 5 bucks!

red and brazilian

i want to make a website soon.

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