paul cowan contemporary art

my brother recently made a website! you should check it out... here are some of the great things in store for you if you decide to click the "paul cowan" link i put on my others links to the right side:


“Look what I found.” She said as she walked in the den.
“Oh geez,” I remarked. “Where did you dig that up?” She handed it to me, and we had a hug.
It was a photo of my college baseball team, after we had won the Division 3 Championships in Durham two years earlier. Sara and I had been dating for a year and a half at that point (two years earlier.) The summer after graduation, Sara and I were married. Shortly after, I had taken up a job in Greensboro as an assistant coach for a local high school. We bought our first house, soon after finding out Sara was going to have a baby.
“Gosh, look at us.” I laughed.
“You look so young, so free. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you smile that big” she said.
“You seemed so happy then. We seemed so much happier then? Before here, before the wedding, before the house, before Kellen?” Almost as soon as she was mentioned, Kellen, our ten month old, ga’ga’d. She was adorable.
”What do you mean?” I asked. My eyes were loving, concerning, I felt I knew what she was getting at.
“You’re just glowing in this picture. I don’t know? I feel stupid now. I’m sorry James, are you mad?” She could sense what I was feeling.
“Mad? Sara, I love you. you make me happy. This house, Kellen, us, everything. There is nothing in this world that can change that, I wouldn’t trade all of this for anything.” I grabbed her and pulled her closer as I was saying this. In my last sentence, I wrapped my arms around her, embracing her. My concern for her, for this situation, blossomed. I didn’t know what to do, except hug her? It is moments like this that you wait for, but never understand quite what to do. Why did I never feel like this about us? Should I? How did this picture do this to her? I was almost mad at the photo now?

conceptual pieces:

TIME MANAGEMENT, Punched Clock, 12”x12”

and even some photography:

UNTITLED, Archival Inkjet Print, 18”x24”, 2008


i guess that's all for right now.
i went to a photo show with karly and brian tonight. i didn't think i was going to do anything tonight and i happened to run into them.
go to karly's blog which is right near the link for paul's website. she has a bunch of things listed as far as chicago photo stuff!


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