april 19, 2008

i went to the bucket rider gallery last night and saw the michael schmelling opening

it was a good show overall. the paintings there were really good too. i don't always like paintings.

after that pat and jackie and i headed to version fest which i had forgotten about so it was fun to remember it and be there all of the sudden.

these are three new images i just scanned to see what they were like...

i have a lot of work to do this coming week. but i haven't been able to do it for a different reason or another for the past two days. and i was sure that i could get it done today but i left my harddrive at my apartment and dont really have time or want to go all the way back and get it and then come back here.

BUT i did get one thing i needed to get done.
i found ian mackayes address and i am going to send him a letter today asking if i can get a picture of him with a piece of pizza slapped on his head or back.
i'm not really sure how he will respond but i think if i explain the whole idea he might think its a good one.
i'll talk about that idea later though..once i get some of the images done.


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