christmas eve

i went and took a few photos at cabella's, the hunting store, last week. i meant to take 35mm pictures but my camera ended up being out of batteries when i got there so i only have these ones from a  digital camera.

i had a single cheeseburger, an order of fries, and a small cherry shake from winstead's. I think that that is one of my favorite places that i know of.
i went with my mom and my brothers today.

being home for winter has been fun.

my birthday was finally yesterday again. 
i'm 21 now!
i got a few books because for my birthday my mom and dad got me a gift card to barnes&nobles. 

these are the two books i've gotten so far

if you have any books that you would recommend please do. 
i am interested in most things that i could learn more about. so that is pretty much everything. although i am going to start reading a book about the nephilim pretty soon. i will probably post about them once i know more about them. 

have a good christmas tomorrow.

i will be gone until january 3rd

so happy 2008 new year also!

i also sort of want to buy this gun:

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lisa said...

i really like the photos, especially the lions and zebras and the one with all the buffalo. also, happy belated birthday, and why do you want a gun