A short story

i was going through mazes. underwater, underground and everything. there were even new species of special life forms that lived only in these mazes where different treasures were that only had value in the mazes.

i was a beautiful woman sometimes and a boy or man like i really am sometimes. also sometimes i was a frog/spider. i passed through the maze and entered into a special theatre where at some point i interrupted the show. and then someone else interrupted it more than i did so he got all the blame for the interruption.

then. i was a beautiful woman trying to get sleazy business men to take a long highway journey far away from where we were that would ultimately lead them back to where we were. it was just a small break from their presence. i think we needed them where we were. but since i knew i was really not a beautiful woman i did not want the men. and i knew they would want to have sex with me. but the kind of sex a sleazy man has with a beautiful woman. i was not truly a beautiful woman. i was a man. or maybe i was now a sleazy man. sleazy men and sleazy men don't have the same outcome during times like those as sleazy men and beautiful woman have.

i had to get proof that i was not a beautiful woman. but that i was a boy or man or a spider/frog. i investigated the possibility of finding evidence that i had gone through mazes in order to get to the location where i was at. but suddenly i was on a plane that was burning and heading for ground zero (not the 9/11 crash site but the certain spot where the plane would land). we had lemonade and everything, us ladies. we were relaxing. the men were almost back and we knew it. but we also knew it wouldn't matter because we would all soon be dead.

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