2 animals

on halloween i was a black cat and a candle dog.

i worked and when i was delivering to a house a lady offered me candy. i took a kit-kat even though i had really wanted a baby ruth. i thought she was just being nice because it was halloween and obviously she had candy to give away...then she tensed up a little and got an awkward feeling when i stayed at the door. she shut it and i knocked on it. as she opened it and looked at me weirdly i asked "did you order sandwhiches?"
"OH!" she sounded a little embarassed and realised that, no, i was not a kid dressed up as a delivery guy for halloween "i thought you were just a kid dressed up as a delivery guy for halloween" she said and laughed probably realizing that she had ordered food from the place she had assumed i was dressed up as a delivery guy from probably no less than 25 minutes earlier.
i handed her the bag of sandwhiches i had already had been holding and she gave me her money. I left wishing i had taken a baby ruth afterall.

also, this is a boston i got last weekend when car was in town

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lisa said...

hey it's uzi! and the dog candle! and our rug!