wir sollen an dieses uns erinnern

Where we are is where the older generation remembers upon fondly and wishes that they were still. Where we are is where the younger generation looks up to and waits patiently, whether they want to or not, toward becoming what have become. We have something we should not give up. Hold tight to what you have and truly try to live. NOW IS OUR TIME TO TRULY MAKE SOMETHING OF WHAT WE WANT MADE.

We can’t be what we were, for in doing that we would be back tracking.
So we better start being WHO WE ARE.
Let’s not make the same mistakes we have made before. Don’t we already know how much time that wastes?
The world and our bodies are not just our facilities…we have a responsibility. To use our abilities to keep these things alive.

We can be what we are going to be just yet.
So lets start living the lives that we have dreamt and have talked about.

I’m talking about our youth.
A week from now. When the Scotty Cowan of November 06, 2007 is actually the Scotty Cowan of the today, which will be November 06, 2007. We will have already used 156 hours of your youth. Because by the time a week from now actually happens this will already be the past.

We are real people. Come on and get up.

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