showing my places

\this week has been pretty normal and a week sort of being a week that i am getting a usual schedule. these are some images of my experiences.

here are two pictures of the apartment i moved into. i live on the second floor.

here is david elliott (www.davidrobertelliott.com) sitting in the seat in our room in the front of the apartment, he is one of the roomates i have

sean (pictured), another roomate, and i rode to school

and on the way we stopped at a place called milk and honey and got bagels and coffee (pictured)

here is jackies apartment, which is in wicker park, and i come here after school sometimes

jackie tried to feed a squirrel one morning when i came over and woke her up to take some pictures of her pepper plant

and then we put a rainbow on a small hand-full of sunflower seeds

more recently i shaved my head

just because i felt like it. i made a video blog of it, so you can watch that if you want.

i have a nice view of chicago from the photo lab at my school:

which is where i print my photos for class.
here are 3 of them i did this weekend:
a backstop

a backyard

a garden

i've been listening to sunn O))) this week some
mostly "black one"

and i even just ordered a shirt with that image on the front of it. i think i hope i get it soon.

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nathan said...

good post. I hope you keep this up!