an easy monday

here is my apartment in chicago:

this is living room/sitting area. it is really really big.

a dining room with no table

here you see a girl, a man, a beer, and two bikes spanning the distance of the sitting room and the dining room.

my brother paul and i had not much to do on this monday night and our internet wasnt working so we went out.

we went to the tastee freez on armitage and california (just a few blocks from the apartment)

he had no cash so he had to go to 711 and use his new debt card to get 'cash back'. he had to buy something so he bought miller high-life because he didnt want to waste his money on junk food

then he got a reeses shake

this is my boston, a boston is a shake with a sundae on top of it it was a german chocolate boston

the reason i got german chocolate is because we rented a german movie...

it is called "the goalie's anxiety at penalty kick" its about some guy who gets suspended from his soccer team because he cant stop a penalty kick and then goes to a movie theatre and kills the ticket girl.
it was made in 1977

I've been listening to this cd a bunch lately:

it is "pilgrimage" by OM

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