Existence Value (this saturday night)

Paul and I have a show together coming up this Saturday, the 14th.
Happy Collaborationist Exhibition Space
1254 N. Noble

Existence Value

We have options, an infinite amount of them, which we must see as wide-open variables to use or deny. Every decision made is made with intention. It isn’t about being ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, but rather the sequence of events and how they add up.

The more reduced something is and the more minimal its expression, then the more malleable it is to having meanings applied. It is a challenge to attempt to communicate in a realm where a rhetoric language has precedent over all others. Our perception is keen and desires to become more acute in that manner. In logic this is good, but in alternative scenarios additional variables occur.

At what point can something like faith be accomplished? It is never knowing, but only trusting, and letting the self become something -constantly. What is often meant when people use the word ‘faith’ is faith in the adulterated sense – something one needs ‘in order to renounce everything’. When in reality, faith itself presupposes that one has renounced everything.

In Existence Value a gesture precedes all considerations and assumptions, rendering immediate perception obtuse. We consider these objects objects, losing all subjectivity; questioning the role of the object (real or imaginary) and the artist’s desire to create and be present in the work.

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