my brother and my show is this saturday! you should come see the work we have been doing!
i'm really excited

"Fruit is on the ground, and it looks like the trees have been just too glad to grow it, and give it to you. The tree likes to grow and you like to eat it; and there is a sign between you and the tree saying: "Beware The Mean Dog's Master." Fruit is rotting on the ground all around me. Just what in the hell has gone wrong here anyhow?" - W. Guthrie

"Our way of looking at things is conditioned by what we are. And since other people are differently constituted, they see things differently and express themselves differently." - Carl Jung

"No one can speak the truth; if he has still not mastered himself. He cannot speak it; but not because he is not clever enough yet. The truth can be spoken only by someone who is already at home in it; not by someone who still lives in falsehood and reaches out from falsehood towards truth on just one occasion." - L. Wittgenstein

Rules are made for a reason. They are used to establish regulations that govern a people, to create an order. They form boundaries and set parameters of what to, and what not to do. Rules are intended to be obeyed in order for things to run smoothly, but for some, rules were meant to be broken.

Paul & Scott Cowan present/suggest the golden rule through new works created for Scott Projects. This rule; Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, is widely acknowledged and accepted within many ethical, philosophical and spiritual realms. Yet, it is also neglected by many as a form of ignorance, a forcing ones assumptions on to person/place/things. The Cowan brothers subject their work to this rule, as a platform, for the process of analyzation. It is constant: It is something that cannot be changed, could be neglected, but it cannot be denied.

The materials/subjects used within the works are doing what they were meant to do, and will forever do what they do. It is a reappropriation, a representation, and reconsideration of these subjects and materials. Their familiarity uses the powers of assumption between the artist and the viewer, leaving the communication and understanding to be discovered somewhere in between. Reliance falls on the objects, and not simply ourselves, for the means of communication.

The works in "Either Both/And or Neither/Nor" are meant to be considered as gestures; trivial and often rhetoric. Highly suggestive of the infinite possibilities within them as a vehicle for communication, or lack thereof. Successful communication does not always mean success. This success has the potential to demystify the works, leaving them as vulnerable unethical objects. We hope for this work to function as an instigation for a new understanding process. Using these works as a preposition, for getting to a new place, a better place, another place, a meta place.

Scott Projects is located at 1542 N. Milwaukee Ave, Fl. 3. The opening reception will take place on February 21, from 6pm - 10pm with food and beverage. To view at a later date, please contact Paul or Scott at 913-634-3886 / 913-708-2465.

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