shadow to form

the things put up in strength by humankind are what is known in only shadow. what type of mockery is a shadow to it's form?
is this what we think is the appropriate way to satisfy our need for ownership? A shadow owns not itself.
It does not only lack strength to control the substantiated form but it also has no say in it's own relations to motion.

this is a print i made in the darkroom today.
the scan is pretty poor because i don't think the image can really be scanned, although it is really dark.
i gathered lots of oils from my body onto my hands and made a big hand print in the middle of the print.
straight on it looks like a black box. but from one angle of light you can see that there is a person behind.
from another angle of light you can see the oils reflecting the hand print.
with the scan you can only see a kind of version of both weirdly.

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