a scrunched photograph

i had a cookout on the last day of summer with patrick, my newest brother.

within this summer i, with the help of david, figured out a name for the photos that i have been taking.
they are scrunched.
this is not all my photos' style but i think i accidentally started making it my new belief.
it's just getting to the basics while knowing that there is infinitely more.

i'm in the middle of trying to understand what they are supposed to mean to me...
so any thoughts or suggestions of photographers, besides bill owens, that use a similar technique in work- that would really be helpful.
i can tell that they are photos that are to look quick and they would have a difficult time if they stood alone (when in a group they still hold, to me, a constant feeling of struggling, anxiety, and have hardly and confidence within them)

these aren't a certain body of work or a series together but only just examples. i have a series i am working on within all of these but don't care to put them up here right now - these were the ones i had here on my desktop right now.
like i said..september is a transformation month for me so i'm just trying to get in tune with my actions so i can know what i mean and how to react. regular stuff, right?

this style has also brought ways for me to get a new kind of thoughts about how forever works.
don't ask me how because that is what i am trying to understand.
it might have to do with the details that were cut short in all of them. or how they are almost at the right angle or moment.

there are tons of poor quality photos in the post but you need to have a lot of scrunched photos because then the photos themselves are scrunched together. it all makes the thing more uncomfortable. i have other photos that go along with photos similar to the ones shown here. ones that broaden out a little more and show a more practically framed view a larger scope of the conditions being analyzed.
these are just one little section of the photos or ideas i have been working on. i wanted to focus on scrunch photography for this post.

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