a video i made a couple weeks ago..

i have a couple new ideas for some things i want to make and hopefully they will be able to be seen sometime soon.

school started and i like it. but a lot of the time i get bored because most of the things i want to make do not corollate with my classes. im probably just getting ahead of myself and either way it doesn't really matter much. its still enjoyable.

here is another video i made while at the indiana dunes about a month ago.

the guy on the 4 wheeler was a lifeguard or something and went WAYY out of the way to tell david to get out of the big chair because he wasn't a lifeguard.


wall, 2008

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Stephen said...

the first one for me was all in the first second of each new shot. you did a really good job of that.

the second one was really funny, but an old kind of funny (like depression era or earlier)