Conditioning week of August 22-29

i came to kansas city to surprise my mom on her birthday yesterday.
the bus was super cold. but mom was so happy that my brother and i surprised her that she even shed a tear.
my dad was so chipper and ready to see us when he picked us up from the bus stop. it was such a nice feeling for all of us.

i went to the mall to take a picture of hope cooper today.
and also took a photo of something else while i was there:

For Brian, 2008

this is also a photo i took while in kansas city - outside of the nelson art museum

Slants, 2008

i have been making a video of nature lately and have a whole scheme i am working on that focuses on the earth.
i have a couple photos taken and some recordings i need to start gathering.
this is an early version of a few of the videos. some input would be really helpful.

the sound got a little screwy during the process of putting it on the web. i dont know why. but i think the idea is at least shown.

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katy said...

wow scott this is like some tripped out ancient warp tunnel into someplace that should be a terror scene at night in the woods but is broad daylight millions of years ago. its beautiful and especially the shot from the palm blowing in the wind to the coy popping up on the lake.