i am sort of embarrassed

somehow when i sat down at my computer to check my email
i started looking at and doing some photo work/stuff

and then

i accidentally zonered out and a little bit later this came out:

i cant look at it without being confused as to how or why i made it.
im embarrassed

hopefully i don't make anything again that i feel this way about when i see it

but ill be back in a week!
so cya!@


kelly said...

is that jackie? hahah

katy said...

hey scott! this is the only way i know how to get ahold of you so i apologize for this lengthy email. sorry about that last night, i mean, no, thank you for the last night, it was really fun. sorry i fell asleep. so drunk at that bar and woke up naked in the middle of a room with 6 beds? here's the directions to the cabin from chicago. ive invited a bunch of people up for the weekend of the 8,9,10th. if you want to come just either come or give a call, i dont care. and if you'd like me to tell you who else is coming, you might be able to carpool. might want to bring some blankets and pillows and anything else you desire. big bike trail also. beer. records. instruments. talk to you soon. -katy

here are directions from chicago:
take 90 northwest towards madison for about one and a half hours until you hit janesville. when you get into janesville you will see signs for HIGHWAY 11 -this takes you to brodhead (where the cabin is) its weird and it kind of wraps around, gets on a real highway for a minute, but the biggest thing to watch out for is about 15/20 minutes into it you will hit an obvious split in the road. basically you run into another road at a stop sign and there are no signs but go left here. This is the ONLY time highway 11 isnt indicated so dont worry.
youll be on highway 11 for about 30 minutes and right when you come into brodhead (after the town signs and all) you see a fork in the road for COUNTY E. go RIGHT on this. you'll be on it for about 1 minute and then see signs for DECATUR ROAD (also for sugar river trail). go LEFT on DECATUR for about 2 miles. you'll wind around farms, go over a river and then hit PARK ROAD or RUSTIC ROAD. go RIGHT here. after a mile you will see some signs that say "bear essentials" and a canoe paddle on a tree that says RIPP. give me a call because there arent any numbers here but the cabin is down this road of 3 others. im the first cabin on the right. then. my number is 262-949-4498