back home!

wazzup guys?

ohio was great!
im back in chicago and rippin' and ready to finish summer strong. (and summer school ends this week!)

here are a couple of things im sorta working on:

the intention

The text reads 'Forever has already started but sometimes it is something that we would rather look forwards to. The intention is to make it to heaven.'

white cube in forest

young women
with the young women one i want to make a book of 30 young women and will hopefully get it done sometime between now and the fall.


this one isn't connected with the young women one at all.

what is going on this week/weekend?


BradTroemel said...

more. more. more. in the midnight hour

jason lazarus said...

hey boo! glad you had good time in the forest, this makes me happy. see you in the fall--