i'm taking some photos and making a series called something like 'patiently waiting for the end of the earth'
i haven't really started arranging them in any sort of way yet because i only have a couple keepers because i've only shot 5 rolls.
i also found out that plexiglas is one of the most expensive things in the world. i have to rethink some stuff cause i wanted to build a clear room.
if anyone knows a cheap way to build a clear box that is around 7foot by 7foot you should let me know the secret.

these next weeks will be cool ones i hope. carl's gonna be here and then kenton moves in and then pat comes in town. plus grails is playing on sunday night (my favorite band, duh) and off with their heads is playing on wednesday night.

whats up?


Zach said...

i like these. ill look around for some plexi, thats quite a lot though

cassandreamy said...

Grails is really good. You're lucky. As for the clear room, I'd say you're right about the plexiglas, also it can get really sharp and one time I built a clear cloud box and it cut me pretty bad putting it together. Maybe there are some clear tarp things out there, also I know you can buy rolls of stuff that they use to hold boxes together on pallets, it's like huge lengths/widths of saran wrap. I think you can get the stuff through like packing businesses or something.

thomas park said...

sweet pics