visiting home this weekend


i am going to kansas city tonight! i'll only be home for a second. but i bet it will feel really good to go there again.
plus i've got big summer plans to talk about while there...hopefully those work out:):):)

also. i think i am moving out of my apartment in about a month and moving in with kenton and pat which, if it happens, will also be exciting.

i have only taken 1 roll of film in the past 1 1/2 weeks and it has only be sort of a whatever roll.
i am planning on not being so lazy this summer, though.

actually not at all. i am going to start making these sculptures out of cement i think next week once i get back. ill post some photos of them when they are done...well only the first one.

2 photos from that roll. the rest of the roll is kinda okay but i dont have time to scan anything:

oh bummer. i just realized i have like 8 books overdue from the library by like 15 days and dvd from odd obsessions that is like 10 days late.

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