may serious

may serious!
that means the same as april fools means. but you just do things really for real and serious...not like stern or meanly serious. like just REAL and serious. i may seriously made a pizza today . me and pat did. it was with biscuit dough instead of pizza dough and that shit was wack (like really really good)! it had cream cheese, tomatoes and spinach on it, too.

these are two things that i am working on for school right now:

in my lighting class i am working on self-portraits. after starting these i am going to try to make them into a group of maybe 24-26 pictures from now until maybe winter time? it will probably be way different by a month from now anyways. but this is the first for that:

these next are for my digital imaging class:

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iamnathanjohnson@gmail.com said...

You are a nice fella. Glad to read this!

I added you to my links thing on my site. I'm glad of that now.

want to hang someday?