self-portrait at 21

i am making a series of portraits of myself at 21.
they are self-portraits at 21. the age of 21 is important....you know that. i don't even have to explain more than i just did...at least not for a blog?

let's just talk about the real stuff. like how the disco before the breakdown by against me! is so much more important than any photo that i have seen in my life. you should listen to that.

the portrait this:

im 21. nbd.

i also had a life changing experience tonight.

i also can't wait for the future....i am from there.

<3s and <3s forever!

..pray for me!!


cassandreamy said...

NBD is right. How many days til I'm done?

caitlin arnold said...

interesting. i look forward to hearing more about this.