Can't live with 'em. Can't live without 'em.

these are some old images i made new.

a series about family and the idea of being born to a different one than you were.

here some of the photos of the group:

if i were born with not my parent who pulls their children #2

me born loved by not a parent of mine

halloween with siblings that aren't mine

if i had been at a playground with not one of my parents

i've been thinking about time and growth mostly lately.
also about how situations can or cannot depend on the people involved.

..i guess just let me know any feedback.

the show last saturday was good and after it i watched blazing saddles and had wild irish rose.
that stuff gives you a headache before you even finish a little bit of it.

i was trying to send somestuff into the new york photo fest but i my application is 'pending' for some reason. i hope it gets approved or whatever before tomorrow, the deadline.

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karly said...

are you going to the new york photo festival?