spring break

i'm going to memphis any day now.
something is drawing me there.
i am going to dip my feet in the mississippi.

those are some pictures from a roll i took this week.

not the best. but that's okay.

i'm watching freaks and geeks. i like it.

the new sun rise is on it's way. and it has nothing to do with what i have typed or the pictures i posted.
the new sunrise will make it


Stephen said...

hey i like that show alot too. i saw a band called memphis the singer creeps me out, he is in another band too.

Carlos said...

you think they spelled it on accident? i think that's just what they thought the spelling was.

Scottie Cowan said...

i think you accidentally commented on the wrong post, carl.

Lisa Ladehoff said...

i like the second one a lot. a lot, a lot. looks so warm. and i like warm things.