some boredom photos

i scanned a few photos this week. 

any feedback?

i'm only trying to figure out how to get to be able so say something that i don't know how to say because i'm not really sure what it is that i want to say in the first place. i don't think any of these images even start to get anything across about it now that i think about it but it's what i have right now. 

there are like 7,000 things happening at once and the big ol' rise of the day star is coming any second. i really realized this today while i was downtown (the st. patricks day parade was today) and everyone was going weird. any time now everything is going to get so screwy. i feel like we're living in the 1920's or something.  

i've been looking at stuff by herbert bayer and i think i won't be able to not think about it for a while. i am going to try to recreate his "self portrait" 1932 for my digital class. 

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cassandreamy said...

i like herbert bayer, and teun hocks. http://www.teunhocks.nl