W.Y.W.H. (the short story)

I wrote a short story and this is what i came up with:    

last night a man, who appeared to me during my made-up dream, told me that he was sick and tired of hearing the wild tormenting ideas and the different scenarios that people begin imagining, when they are scared or bored or being spiritual/philisophical/something, what hell was going to be like. He followed up telling me that by telling me another thing: that he was really getting rashed with the thought of someone thinking that they could even get a grip or grasp on what was waiting for them just milliseconds away. (Compared to Hell-time...even seventy or one thousand Earth-time years compares to a millisecond of Hell-time. But you, the reader, knows that - because you live on Earth and you have tried to imagine Hell-time (eternity)).
    the man wore multi-colored clothes that were not too obnoxious because it was a dream that was in black and white. i obviously knew, though, that they were supposed to be multi-colored or else that wouldn't have been an available description to attribute to the man's attire. his name was unknown (it was as equally important as it was known) but he told me that the worst thing he had ever felt about himself and his situation while being in the after-life has been experiencing it and never fully being able to even scrape the surface of realizing that eternity really did mean forever. that the 'forever' that people in the 'real life' say so painfully casually is not even in the same category as the likes of the same 'forever' that bites our big ass-hole in the reality of realities (if that even exists anymore).
     he said things about how he had probably counted the days (he couldn't remember if had done this or merely thought of doing something like this) spent in hell and somewhere in his subconscious (all that he even really had left but he didn't see it that way yet, he hadn't quite been there (in hell) long enough) he would have most certainly thought to himself "i think after a million years of being here something...surely something significant will happen to me, either physically or emotionally or spiritually". He knew something big was coming up. he didn't even really want to know it, it was just a gut feeling (without guts).
    when his 1,000,000th year anniversary of being in his new location had finally come (whether it was really only one moment and he had still been basing his time on earth-time or if he had really had counted to1,000,000 years was pretty much the same at this point. he still meant it, from his heart) and he woke up the next day ready for rejuvenation only to be welcomed to the exact same feeling and that was when he fully realized that forever is way longer than he had thought it was before.       
 ...that is what he said he would guess as being the worst part of hell as far as he knew so far (knowing he had much longer to understand things he did not yet even think of trying to understand (thinking now that he understood everything there was to understand)).
That's all it took. I went outside to have a cigarette and I don't even smoke. They were Lucky Strike Silvers. My brother ordered them online at cheapcigarette.com about a month earlier - ten packs for fifteen dollars- he just got them tonight. He doesn't even smoke, they were for his girlfriend, Katie. He gave me a pack and I couldn't resist. The temperature outside is ridiculous even if I considered myself a smoker. It is Chicago and it is February for Christ's sake (we both are obviously smokers).
    I walked down the stairs of the back porch which were covered in a blank arena of snow. My footsteps pointing all blame to me as the perpetrator to the reason why the back gate had been left open for the last few days. I hadn't known the gate had even been left open before I had innocently walked down the set of stairs to piss in the back courtyard because I was in the middle of a cig' and I had had several 16 oz. cans of beer directly prior.
    Walking back up the stairs I noticed some bunny or deer tracks in the otherwise untouched snow...deers don't live in chicago...but I haven't really seen any bunnies, either, so what i figured they were just ally cat tracks. So what? I started the first step up the stairs.

I was now born in Reno, Nevada instead of the boring "St. Jo" Missouri. My parents met Randy Travis when they had been in Reno in 1999 or 2000 or 1998. I was in the sixth grade and my mom was very very sick. This is the reason I was now born there. Randy was shorter than he even looks on T.V. My parents had gone somewhere else before that and bought my older brother, Paul (the one with the cigarettes from before), each a glass paperweight/dome-shaped thing. They had these weird scary scorpions inside of them with a velvety bottom on each, one blue and one red. Paul was red and I was blue. We have talked about it, don't worry. It was before the W.W.J.D. bracelets even had come out yet.

I had easily made it up to the top of the stairs by now and the thought of being born in Reno made me feel like I had really been born in "St. Jo" Missouri.
    St. Jo Missouri can shuv it if you ask me.
Esteban, my youngest brother, and I had both been born there.
    St. Jo Missouri can shuv it if you ask me.

I capture Esteban, he was only 14 at the time, I told him we were on our way to the Grand Canyon, and we were. By the time we only half-way there he wanted to go home and I needed another cigarette (this was before my older brother had given me the pack of Lucky Stikes). We didn't go home. We drove my parents car and my parents gas money the whole way there. I didn't sleep the whole way to Flagstaff from Kansas City. We were both ungrateful but enjoyed it. We even got stupid little ice-cream cones from Baskin Robins that night. Gold Medal Ribbon.The next morning we stayed at the Canyon for two hours, an eight-teen hour drive for two hours that were forced into meaning something that would last into meaning 'youth' when we were older. We both got postcards. Mine, I ended up half-heartedly giving to a teacher (without even mailing it) and signing it 'thanks for the semester we had spent together, i liked it. -scott'. (Honestly,I hadn't half-heartedly meant what I wrote) We drove home.

I shut the lights off...or did the lights shut themselves off. No, I did it. I shut them off. goddamn.
Not 'Goddamn', but 'goddamn'.

i saw the beautiful girl again, the one i have always been thinking about for my whole lifetime. she now had been driving around in this weird small submarine that she let me ride on top of. i told her to stop driving it because of the thing that was attacking us. she didn't really believe in me or the fact that something was or had been attacking us. but i knew it was true..all of it.
we got out of the lake and it was really a pool. 
i saw a huge thing moving around and the girl was just chilling out hard - drying off or dismantling her submarine outfit...but back to the huge thing....it was a big big pitch-white snake that wanted/needed to get out of the pool. even though I knew that it needed to get out i didn't know why it did need to get out anyways.  by the time she could tell that there in fact was a snake that wanted out of the pool i was completely done explaining the fact that there really was something in the water.
the reason she noticed that it's existence was true was because she saw it and not because she heard me telling her about it (She had been busy).
i noticed that she had gotten excited by the fact that some being..something...was really there. it was a pitch-white snake. 
i have never seen a snake of this caliber or one that was this beautiful before.
it almost made itself glow because of its color.
the snake had no idea of this....(But now that I am writing this I feel like I just remembered that the snake knew how magnificent it really was and the amount of power it held).
    just then the lady i was with dove into the aqua, struggled with the beast and rose at the other side of the lake with lumpy stomach skin. she had swallowed the snake much like a snake the size of the snake she had swallowed would have swallowed a person her size. it was writhing around inside of her bowels and inside of her abdomen, even the tail's movements could be seen in her throat.
    i recommended her to induce vomiting at once. she refused. she had confidence that it was not poisonous (She lived and I still can't believe it). i haven't seen her since.

Paul is red. I am blue.
I am blue.

I believe in God.

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i like your story better. alotbetter!!!