money, love, love of money

i recently heard that time travel is real and so are aliens and that they are the 1 thing that is important.
if you know anything on this subject i would be very interested in hearing what you have to say about aliens, time travel or both.

march is next. and that is weird.
my classes finally started this week. i was bored out of my white skull all last week. but in a good way. one of my best friends pat just moved up here to start going to school so we have been hanging out and playing ping-pong at his dorm.

i am sorta nervous to start my drawing class because i cannot draw much. or i guess i do not draw much.

my writing class seems like it will be a lot of fun though. maybe if i write something interesting in class i will share it on here. my teacher seems like a fun teacher

i have thought about it and
i have 2 new things i wanna work on expressing with photography.

1: a series on my roommate david called 'my roommate is a homo'

2: a series on the different cool stuff that money, love, and love of money can do. so far i don't have a name for them.

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lisa said...

i really really really like the second one. what is that? more more more!